According to the Washington State Department Of Transportation, 806 accidents occurred at intersections in the year 2020. Being aware of the right of way is crucial and yielding to the right of way when applicable is incredibly important. If you have been involved in an accident where someone did not yield your right of way, you have the right to seek compensation for what you have suffered. With the help of a personal injury lawyer, you can present evidence that proves how the negligent driver failed to yield to your right of way, therefore causing the accident.

Read on to learn more about accidents caused by failing to yield to the right of way, and what kind of compensation you may be able to receive in this situation. If you have additional questions, contact Church and Page lawyers today to schedule a free car accident case evaluation.

What Does It Mean To Yield The Right Of Way?

Back when you took an exam to get your license in Washington state, you had to prove that you understood what it means to yield the right of way. Over time, however, many drivers forget what they were taught, and rely on their instincts to help them make decisions on the road. Never gamble with your life or the safety of others, and always yield to the right of way as it is spelled out in the rules of the road. Yielding the right of way simply means you have to let someone else drive or walk before you are permitted to move. For example, sometimes, you yield the right of way while approaching a crosswalk, as you stop driving to let others walk past. In some cases, you approach a four way stop sign, and let the driver who got there before you leave first. In any scenario, yielding to the right of way is crucial to keep the road safe and all drivers safe, too.

What Kind Of Compensation Can I Get For A Failure To Yield A Car Accident In Washington?

If you were involved in an accident that occurred because a negligent driver failed to yield the right of way, you have the right to seek compensation that covers the cost of your damages. At Church and Page, we’ve helped countless Washington residents get a settlement for their car accident case, and we can help you, too.

Since every car accident case is different, the only way to know what kind of compensation you’re eligible for is to contact a personal injury lawyer and discuss your accident with them in a free case evaluation. If it can be proven, with the help of your lawyer, that the accident was due to the negligence of the driver who failed to yield, and you suffered injuries as a direct result, you will likely be entitled to medical bill compensation. Medical bill compensation can cover expenses like emergency room visits, doctor’s office co-pays, prescription medication, and the cost of rehabilitative care like physical therapy.

After getting hurt in a car accident, you may need to spend time away from work in order to heal your injuries. Your car accident lawyer will seek to get you a settlement that accounts for your lost wages, as you shouldn’t have to miss out on money in your paycheck, especially if the accident was due to someone else’s carelessness.

In addition to the damages above, pain and suffering damages are awarded in certain circumstances where the accident was especially traumatic or dangerous. If you find yourself suffering from post-traumatic stress, depression, or anxiety after a tragic car accident, your lawyer will take this into consideration when fighting for your case. Your car accident lawyer will defend your right to pain and suffering compensation, as your mental health is just as important as your physical health.

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