Although a lawyer helps you defend yourself in court after a car accident, with most accidents, they will need to team up with your insurance company in order to determine exactly who caused the crash. The claims adjuster may primarily conduct the investigation on behalf of the insurance company.

In some accidents, such as in the case of a rear end collision, the damage on the vehicle can demonstrate who caused a car accident. If there are significant dents and welts on the back of your vehicle, it’s visibly clear that someone has hit you from the back. Not all cases are this easy to figure out, so it becomes the burden of the lawyer and the claims adjuster to work together to place fault.

T-bone car accidents are another situation in which it can be visible and easily understood who caused the accident. When a car has been T-boned there is significant damage to the side of the vehicle which demonstrates that it was struck from either the left or the right side.

Since determining fault isn’t always easy, it’s important to call a lawyer early on in the process. Having a car accident lawyer on your side will ensure you’re never taken advantage of by the insurance company.

What Happens If The Damage Doesn’t Demonstrate Who Caused The Accident?

As we mentioned above, not all damages in car accidents are telling of who caused the accident. Sometimes the location of the damage on the vehicle simply is not enough to tell the story of how the accident occurred. If both cars have accident damage on multiple sides, it is not immediately clear who is liable. In a situation like this, the claims adjuster, and your attorney, will rely on different forms of evidence to prove who is at fault.

What Kind Of Evidence Can Be Used To Determine Fault In A Car Accident?

There are many forms of evidence that can be upheld in court to demonstrate who causes an accident. Eyewitness testimony is one of the strongest forms of evidence someone can have. In the unfortunate event that you are ever involved in an accident, always be sure to take down an eyewitness account from those around you. Getting a testimony will strengthen your car accident case. Always write down or type out on your phone the witness testimony from those who saw the crash firsthand, and get their phone number and other contact information so you can speak to them in the future if need be.

In addition to getting an eyewitness testimony, photos from the scene of the accident are equally as strong always take photos from the scene of the car crash if you can. Use the flash setting on your phone if the accident occurs at night, so that the scene is illuminated and the setting can be easily seen. Take photos of street signs, speed limit signs, damage done to your vehicle and person, any damage done to your personal belongings, and anything else that demonstrates the severity of the accident that you just experienced. Do so while being as safe as possible, and never put yourself at risk of further danger on the road.

Additionally, always call the police after getting into an accident. Filing a police report is required and important. The information from the police report you file will become evidence of your case, and the details written down by law enforcement will further assist in demonstrating who has caused the accident.

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