There is a “total loss formula” that is used in Washington to determine how much damage it takes to consider a car totaled. The formula involves three key, specific factors that are used to determine whether or not your car can be driven again after sustaining extensive damage.

Getting your car totaled in a bad car accident can change your life forever. It’s never a convenient time to go without a vehicle, and many people find it difficult to get to work, enjoy their personal relationships, and go about their personal, daily lives without their vehicle. If your car has been totaled in a devastating car accident, contact our Washington personal injury lawyers today. You have the right to seek compensation for what you have suffered.

How Is The Total Loss Formula Calculated?

The total loss formula is calculated using three individual factors:

The first factor that is considered is how much it costs to repair your vehicle. This cost is determined by adding the cost of the parts that you need, and the amount of labor required to perform the repairs. Once you take your car to a mechanic to get an estimate of the repairs, you can determine at that point whether or not it is a total loss.

Additionally, you will want to think about what your car’s salvage value is. A salvage value is the value of the parts within your car that you can resell if the car is no longer able to be driven. If the parts inside your car have no value, essentially there is no salvage value to your vehicle.

Lastly, the worth of your car before the accident occurred will determine your total loss value. If your car was in mint condition with low mileage, and a recent model, your car will have a high prior value. But if your car was in poor condition, and then it was destroyed in an accident, then your loss value may be very low.

Can I Get A Settlement If I Totaled My Car In An Accident?

If you got into a car accident in Washington and totaled your car, you can get compensation for the damages you sustained under a few circumstances. First, you must be able to prove that there was a negligent party who was driving recklessly, carelessly, or otherwise without concern, and therefore cause the accident to occur. If you can put the burden of causing the accident on the other party, and successfully prove it before a judge, you may be able to get compensation for your totaled vehicle.

In addition to the cost of your totaled vehicle, you may be able to get medical bill compensation. For example if you got into a car accident and broke your knee, you can get many costs associated with this injury covered. If you went to the emergency room, needed to get an X-ray, and then required surgery to fix your broken knee, you may be able to get these unexpected costs covered with your settlement.

And, while you are at home resting and nursing your knee after the surgery, you should not have to be without a paycheck. We can fight for your right to lost wage compensation that covers the most money in your paycheck.

When you get into an accident that ends in a totaled vehicle, it’s likely that the accident was extremely catastrophic or traumatic. Your pain and suffering or not to be overlooked. We understand that many accident victims suffer from depression and anxiety, so will fight for your right to compensation that covers your mental anguish.

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