Do you feel like your attorney is fighting for you? Do you feel like your attorney has your best interest in mind, returns your phone calls in a timely manner, and makes you feel seen and heard? These are the signs of a good attorney, one who is determined to fight for your rights and represent you in the most optimal light possible at all times. If you feel you’re getting less than that, don’t settle for inadequate help.

If you feel like your lawyer doesn’t have your best interest at heart, is slow to respond to your calls, and hardly communicates with you, get in touch with the Washington personal injury attorneys at Church and Page. We’re skilled, considerate personal injury attorneys who know how frustrating it can be when you feel that your lawyer and their team aren’t doing enough to fight for you. Read on to learn what to do if you feel like your lawyer is ignoring you, and contact out attorneys if you know you deserve better representation.

What Are The Signs That My Lawyer Isn’t Doing Their Job?

As a general rule, you should always feel understood and heard by your lawyer. Your lawyer should let you speak, tell your side of the story, and should listen to your concerns with a patient ear. It can be hard to recover from an accident of any kind, especially when you have been injured due to someone else’s negligence and need help as soon as possible. For that reason, our attorneys at Church and Page are sensitive to the struggles of accident victims, and make it a priority to be empathetic to your feelings, concerns, and requests.

Just like any other profession, lawyers have high standards that they must adhere to. These standards are non-negotiable. You as a client have a right to work with a lawyer that is certified to practice law in your state, is highly educated, and never fails to be respectful. Guidelines for a lawyer’s responsibilities and fundamental principles of their professional conduct are laid out here by the state’s government.

In this document, you’ll learn that lawyers have certain duties to clients, former clients, and more. There are special conflicts of interest that must be noted, and specific rules that govern important confidential information and how it is to be collected, analyzed, stored and communicated in court before a judge. You can read through these guidelines and compare what’s expected of a Washington state lawyer alongside the conduct of your attorney. And, if you find that your lawyer isn’t meeting your expectations, call the personal injury attorneys at Church and Page. It’s important to us to adhere to these guidelines, and we ensure that every client we work with gets the benefit of our professionalism, expertise, and respect.

What Should I Do If My Lawyer Isn’t Fighting For Me?

You can recommend to your attorney that you have a weekly or bi-weekly call that keeps you up to speed on all the moving parts of your case. Attorney-client relationship is incredibly important, so if your lawyer is not concerned that you feel left in the dark, this is a sign that they may not be the best partner for you.

Lawyers have an obligation to stay in contact with their clients and communicate with them effectively. Clients deserve to be reasonably informed about the legal processes they are involved in with their lawyer, and it’s right as well. If you feel that your lawyer isn’t communicating with you enough or is leaving you in the dark about important matters, you can seek a new attorney.

If you feel that your attorney is especially negligent, you can report the practice to the Washington State Bar. At Church and Page, we understand how frustrating it can be to be fighting a personal injury battle and feeling as if you don’t have anyone on your side. You can call our law firm and request a consultation about your legal situation. You don’t deserve to feel as if you have no one fighting for you, and our team will happily make the situation right as best we can.

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