Generally speaking, if a vehicle was designed to carry more than 16 passengers, including the person operating a vehicle, then the vehicle is likely going to qualify as a commercial vehicle in a court of law.

The formal, legal classification of trucks are also contingent upon their total weight. Many trucks follow a gross vehicle weight rating that determines whether or not a truck is legally considered a commercial vehicle. The size of the truck is one of the biggest factors in determining the status. The gross weight of the vehicle, and the cargo that it is large enough to carry, or would determine the gross vehicle weight rating. Any large truck that weighs in at over 10,000 pounds, will likely be considered a commercial vehicle.

If a commercial truck is involved in your personal injury case, you may be wondering if this changes the outcome of the potential lawsuit. If your personal injury case involves a commercial vehicle, this may be an incredibly important variable. Commercial vehicles, the companies who own them, and the companies that insure the trucks are infamous for having strong defense teams who have the resources to fight back against accident victims like yourself.

What Makes A Commercial Truck Accident Different Than A Standard Car Accident?

Truck drivers who are driving while on the clock are required to operate with a certain duty of care, as all drivers on the road are. But truck drivers face different sets of responsibilities set forth by the trucking company. For example, a truck driver may be required to meet a certain amount of mileage every day In order to meet a bonus, meet job requirement restrictions, or to earn a promotion. For this reason, the truck driver may be operating the vehicle while they are too tired to function, causing them to create hazards on the road. If the trucking company is found to be requiring their drivers to commit to unhealthy or unreasonable amounts of hours in any shift, this can be a factor in your personal injury case.

Additionally, there are multiple different types of insurance that come into play during a personal injury lawsuit that invoices a commercial truck. The commercial truck driver is employed by the trucking company, who will employ their own insurer to cover their drivers on the road. In addition, your personal insurance company will be a factor during your lawsuit and there will be a lot of communication between both companies. Standing up to the truck driver’s big insurance company all on your own can be a daunting task, so it’s best to come equipped with the help of an experienced car accident injury lawyer.

How Does A Commercial Vehicle Affect The Outcome Of My Personal Injury Case?

Commercial vehicles, the companies that own them, and the companies that insure them take strong defenses after car accident cases. It’s very hard to stand up to these companies on your own. They have a high price legal team and the resources to fight back, so you need a good lawyer.

Additionally, since commercial trucks are so much heavier and more dangerous than other vehicles, they create more severe hazards on the road. The injuries that we have seen resulting from accident cases that involve commercial trucks are devastating. Victims of commercial truck accidents often pay lots of money in damages attempting to recover from an accident of this nature. Our personal injury attorneys are sensitive to the fact that this kind of accident can change your life forever. For this reason we fight for your right to medical bill compensation, lost wage compensation, and even pain and suffering compensation for what you have been through.

We understand that being injured after this kind of accident can keep you out of work, keep you from being with your loved ones, and can make it feel like your life will never be the same. Since the damages can be so high with commercial truck accidents, we fight for your right to the compensation you deserve to recover.

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