Getting hit by a truck of any kind can cause serious damage–and you already know that a lawyer can help you recover from this kind of damage. So what happens when you get into an accident involving a big commercial truck? You may be wondering if a lawyer can still help you fight back against a negligent or dangerous commercial truck driver–and the answer is yes.

But it is important to recognize the differences between a standard passenger vehicle and a commercial truck. First and foremost, a commercial truck is classified by a gross vehicle weight rating. The weight of the vehicle and its cargo is what constitutes it as a commercial truck, not the height or width of the truck. If a commercial truck weighs over ten thousand pounds, it may be considered a commercial vehicle. Those who drive trucks that are considered commercial vehicles must carry a commercial driver’s license (CDL) and are required to undergo routine drug and alcohol testing.

Why Does It Matter If My Injury Claim Involves A Commercial Vehicle?

Those who drive commercial trucks are required to follow certain rules and regulations set forth by their trucking company. Regular passenger vehicles may be on the road for a whole host of reasons, but those commercial driving trucks are clocked in and working when they’re on the road.

In many cases, commercial truck drivers are required by their trucking company to meet a certain amount of mileage per day. Sometimes, this mileage is incredibly high. When a commercial vehicle truck driver is expected to drive a high amount of miles every day, this increases the likelihood that they will be fatigued or distressed while driving, which could lead to an accident. The regulations and rules set forth by their trucking company may become a factor in your injury case.

However, one thing is for sure after a commercial truck accident in Washington: you will need to deal with the trucking company’s insurance company. Trucking companies usually have high revenue and a lot of money to invest in insurance and legal help when an accident arises. You need to work with a skilled, trusted truck accident lawyer in Washington who knows what it takes to stand up to these big insurance companies, and who will stop at nothing to make sure you’re not taken advantage of at any point.

Why Are Truck Accidents Different From Regular Car Accidents?

In addition to the differences listed above, there are many reasons why commercial truck accidents are different from accidents involving standard passenger vehicles. It’s an unfortunate truth, but the harm, injury, and property damage that arises after a car accident involving a commercial truck are often much more serious and debilitating than accidents involving smaller cars or bicycles. Commercial trucks, as mentioned previously, weigh tens of thousands of pounds, and can cause serious damage to any unsuspecting driver. Because of this excessive weight, commercial truck companies have different insurance and much more coverage than the average driver.

Also, those who drive commercial vehicles and hold a commercial vehicle driver’s license are often required by their trucking company to log their time in a log book and to keep detailed records of where they are driving and when. These records serve as strong evidence throughout your personal injury case, as they often tell a detailed story of where the truck driver was located and at what time when the crash happened.

You can’t expect any car accident lawyer in Washington to know how to handle a truck accident case. But the lawyers at Church and Page have decades of experience defending car accident victims like yourself, and will stop at nothing to make sure your side of the story is accurately told. We will find every area of opportunity to hold the negligent truck driver accountable for the injuries and damage you sustained, and will even negotiate your settlement if we feel that you deserve more for what you have suffered.

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If you or a loved one have been injured in an accident in Washington, you need the help of a trusted accident attorney who understands the nuances and unique differences that arise when dealing with a commercial truck accident. Our lawyers have decades of experience fighting on behalf of clients just like you, and know how to challenge these big insurance companies to make sure that they are operating in good faith every step of the way.