It’s an unfortunate fact, but it is not in an insurance company’s best interest to give you the maximum compensation after a car accident. Insurance companies have a bottom line, and are often trying to pay out the least amount of money that they can. All insurance companies are required by Washington law to operate in good faith at all times, but sadly this is not always the case.

An insurance company may ask you to give a recorded statement in an attempt to get your side of the story regarding the car accident. Insurance companies may ask for this type of statement in order to justify giving you a settlement that is more than you deserve. When you provide your insurance company with a recorded statement, you provide them with what is essentially your witness testimony of the car accident events. Should you accidentally say something that suggests the accident was your fault, you may see significantly less insurance money.

What Are Some Tips For Speaking To An Insurance Adjuster?

In order to get a settlement from an insurance company, you will be asked to give some sort of statement to them. There are strategies that you can employ in order to protect yourself from potentially incriminating yourself in the situation. As personal injury lawyers, we always recommend to our clients that they do not provide any statement to an insurance company. If you do wish to provide a statement to an insurance company, only do so with the presence of a lawyer. Your insurance company can use any of this information against you. In the event that you do speak to a claims adjuster, here are some tips for strategically planning the conversation:

Stay off record: request that the adjuster does not record the statement. You have the right to ask that you are not recorded as you speak with them; the adjuster is not permitted by law to record any phone call or communication that you have with them without your explicit consent.

Don’t say too much: resist the urge to give details about your car accident and do not say too much. Do not offer up any information that is not explicitly requested to you by a specific question. Only answer questions that the adjuster asks.

Don’t sign anything: The insurance adjuster may ask you to sign a paper, but we recommend to our clients that you do not sign the paper. Never provide a signature for any important documentation without a lawyer present to ensure your rights are protected the entire time.

Don’t admit fault: this is one of the most important strategic points. Never admit fault for the accident, apologize for the events, or otherwise suggest that anything you did is the reason for the accident. This can be held against you, and it may result in you getting a small settlement.

How Soon Should I Call A Lawyer After A Car Accident In Washington?

If you have been in a car accident in Washington, it is imperative that you call a personal injury lawyer right away. You should promptly ensure you don’t have any serious medical injuries, and should go to the hospital or see a doctor to double check. It’s important to make sure that you are safe and sound following the impact. Getting the medical attention you need is the most crucial step, but calling a lawyer next is important to remember as well.

Soon after the accident, your car insurance company will be in touch, and they will be looking for answers regarding the accident. It can be difficult to stand up to insurance companies all by yourself, especially when so much money could be on the line. Always turn to a personal injury lawyer after an accident to make sure your rights are being protected during conversations with your insurance company.

Call For A Free Car Accident Consultation With A Personal Injury Lawyer In Kennewick

If the unfortunate event occurs where you experience a car accident, always remember to seek medical help right away, and to call a lawyer as soon as you can. The best way to maximize the amount of money in your settlement and to ensure that you have strong legal representation as you negotiate the amount of compensation you receive from your insurance settlement.

Insurance companies are obligated to operate in good faith, but this sadly isn’t always the case. By trusting in a car accident lawyer, you can ensure that your insurance company is providing all the help you deserve to receive, and that your rights are being upheld throughout the entire process. Schedule a free consultation with Church and Page today.