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Confidential Settlement for a Sports Injury

The parents of a 14-year-old signed up their son for sports lessons in a combat sport. The coaches at that facility set up the 14-year-old to practice with a much older, larger, and more experienced fighter. The coaches didn’t supervise or check in while the two of them sparred. The older, larger, and more experienced fighter hit the 14-year-old over and over, causing severe injuries to the 14-year-old’s head. Just after getting out of the ring, he collapsed.

The 14-year-old suffered major brain trauma and had to be flown by airplane to a trauma center in Seattle. He had a piece of his skull removed because of swelling in his brain. He needed a long time to recovery from the injuries and from the surgeries. Thankfully, he was eventually able to achieve a very good recovery, except for some minor scarring.

Church & Page PLLC made a claim against the facility for failing to supervise the 14-year-old and putting him in a dangerous situation. The facility argued that the waiver of liability his parents had signed released them from all liability. Despite that, Church & Page PLLC was able to obtain a confidential policy limits settlement in excess of $225,000.00 from the facility.

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