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Working Hard for Injured Cyclists

Bicycling is an excellent way to stay in shape without any major impact on the body. Other than riding accidents, there are very few ways that bicycling can cause immediate or long-term bodily damage. When a bicycle accident does occur, it is often because of the unsafe actions of another driver.

Bicycle accidents often result in serious injuries, such as neck and head trauma, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, and more. Most bicyclists ride for pleasure or exercise and don’t expect an accident to occur while they’re out on their bikes. When it does happen though, it’s important that you take action quickly to protect your legal rights. Bicycle accidents that involve motorist negligence should be taken seriously by anyone who has been hurt because of another person’s carelessness.

If you’ve been involved in a bicycle accident due to someone else’s negligence, you should not hesitate to take action. Reach out to Church & Page PLLC as soon as possible by calling (509) 638-1414 and schedule a free consultation today.

How Do Bike Crashes Happen in Yakima?

Although there are laws that require drivers to give cyclists a wide berth when passing them on the road, many drivers simply do not follow these regulations. Many bicycle accidents involve a motorist who either crashes into a bicyclist or runs off the road and hits a cyclist in the bike lane. When this happens, it is usually because the driver was not looking where they were going while they attempted to pass the cyclist. Distracted driving and drunk driving also play a role in how bike accidents happen. No matter why an accident happened, you should reach out to Yakima Bicycle Accident Lawyers at Church & Page PLLC after any kind of crash involving your bike.

What Compensation Am I Entitled To?

In a bicycle accident caused by someone else’s negligence, you can receive compensation for many different types of damages. When you file a personal injury claim with the help of a bicycle accident lawyer, you can recover damages for:

-Any property damage done to your bike or personal items.
-Medical bills, medical treatment, and past and future medical expenses – If injuries sustained in a bicycling accident cause permanent disabilities, you can be compensated for those as well.
-Lost wages, past and future.
-Pain and suffering.
-Emotional distress.

If someone else is responsible for a bicycle accident that resulted in injury or death, they should at least pay for any losses that fall into the above categories. Bicycle accident injuries can be long-lasting. Not all bicycle traffic accidents are the same. You need a personal injury lawyer that will fight to give you fair compensation for your bicycle accident injuries. Contact us to talk with an experienced Yakima Bicycle Accident Lawyer today about your potential legal options after your bike crash.

How Can a Bicycle Accident Attorney Help Me?

A personal injury attorney with experience handling bike accidents can get you a fair settlement when dealing with the insurance company handling your claim. A strong bike accident lawyer can get you the money you deserve without having to go through any difficult negotiation processes. An attorney can help ensure that your rights are protected, and ensure that all documentation about the accident is handled properly. They will also be able to put together a strong case before it goes to court for maximum compensation.

Are All Bicycle Accident Lawyers in Yakima the Same?

When you are injured in a bicycle accident, it is important to understand that your injuries can prevent you from working for weeks or even months after the accident occurs. This means that your medical bills might pile up quickly along with other expenses that you were trying to avoid by biking in the first place.

Bicycle accidents often result in long-term disabilities because of severe bodily harm caused by an accident. If this has happened to you because of someone else’s negligence, then now is the time to take legal action against the responsible party so that you have some degree of financial security moving forward.

If you’ve been injured due to another person’s negligence while riding a bicycle, contact the Yakima bicycle accident lawyers at Church & Page PLLC by calling (509) 638-1414 to schedule a free consultation today. We have a track record of getting our clients the compensation they deserve after an accident, so call us today and protect yourself from further financial stress.


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