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  • Do I need an injury attorney?
    You are not required to have an attorney. However, as you can see from the answers to the other FAQs below, there are many reasons why you may want to have an experienced firm like Church & Page PLLC on your side.
  • I can't work. How am I going to pay my bills?
    This is often one of the most frustrating parts of being injured. Although the at-fault party is ultimately responsible, they won’t pay until the claim is resolved. If you have Personal Injury Protection (PIP), you may be able to obtain income replacement from your own insurance company. These benefits have to be reimbursed at the end of the case. We can help obtain and provide the proper documentation so that you can be compensated for your wage loss.
  • How much do you charge?
    We use a contingent fee. This means that you do not pay any attorney fee until we win your case. When we win, we charge 1/3 of whatever amount we are able to recover.
  • How long will it take to get my car fixed?
    Once the at-fault insurance company has accepted liability, the property damage is usually taken care of pretty quickly. Unfortunately, it sometimes takes a while before the insurance company accepts liability. Having an experienced attorney on your side can often help speed up this process.
  • What about my personal property that was damaged in the accident?
    Many people are not aware that the at-fault insurance has to pay for these items too. This includes glasses, a phone, a laptop, tools, groceries, etc. that were damaged in the accident. If you had a car seat in your vehicle during the collision, that should be replaced immediately. With the proper documentation, we can help make sure you receive compensation for all damaged personal property.
  • Who should I see for my pain or other medical conditions caused by the accident?
    It is important that you see a medical provider for your injuries as soon as possible. It is also important that once you start seeing a medical provider you follow the established treatment plan. This will help you get better quicker and will also make your case stronger. Many chiropractors and physical therapists will hold your bills until your case is settled if you have an attorney that they know and trust.
  • How do I know when I'm done treating?
    This is a medical question. It is best for you to discuss this with your medical provider. You should have open and honest communication with your doctor about the symptoms you are having. If you don’t tell your doctor what you are feeling, they won’t be able to provide appropriate care. With good communication, the doctor will be able to determine what treatment plan is right for you.
  • How much is my case worth?
    A lot of information goes into determining the value of a case. This includes evaluating all of your medical bills and records, photos of the accident, property damage estimates, liability assessments, and wage loss information. We would be happy to discuss the specifics of your case in a free consultation. What we can tell you right now is that, if you retain Church & Page, PLLC, we will fight to get you the maximum value for the injuries you have suffered.
  • Who decides if and when I should settle?
    You do. This is your case, and the decision on whether to settle or not is up to you. If you retain us, we will advise you on our opinion if the insurance company has provide a fair offer. We will also advise you about litigation options if you do not receive a fair offer. Ultimately this is a decision you must make.
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