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Confidential Settlement for a Trucking Wrongful Death

A truck driver was driving his employer’s loaded semi truck on a remote road. Due to a lack of maintenance on the truck, the driver was unable to control the truck going around a curve in the road. The semi-truck went off the road and rolled over, seriously injuring and trapping the driver. Emergency Medical Services could not reach the driver in time. Unfortunately, he passed away on scene.

The driver’s surviving son and family wanted to make a claim against the driver’s employer because the truck was unsafe to drive. Church & Page PLLC helped the son and the driver’s estate file claims against the trucking company.

In response, the trucking company’s insurance company filed a lawsuit to avoid having to pay the driver’s son and family. Church & Page PLLC fought the insurance company’s lawsuit. Eventually, the insurance company relented and agreed to pay a confidential amount to settle the claims. Church & Page PLLC was able to recover the full insurance policy limits in excess of $700,000.00 for the drive

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