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Ricardo’s Story: Auto Accident

Most law firms don’t talk about cases they resolved for $13,500.00. At Church & Page PLLC we do because even though this is a “small” amount, it can still be a BIG win for our client.

At first, Ricardo’s collision was fairly typical. He was rear-ended. The police were called and arrived on the scene. The driver behind him was cited for following too close and provided the officer with a copy of his insurance card. Ricardo went to the chiropractor and hired another local attorney.

Unfortunately, this is where the story took an unusual and unexpected turn. More than five months after Ricardo was rear-ended, his previous attorney finally learned that the at-fault driver had given the police officer an expired auto insurance policy. That attorney immediately fired Ricardo with no warning and with very little explanation.

When Ricardo came to see Church & Page PLLC, he was confused. He had done everything right. He was not at fault. He sought medical treatment for his injuries. He hired a local attorney. Despite doing everything he should have, all Ricardo had to show for his efforts was a totaled vehicle, a chiropractic bill of over $4,500.00, no way to cover any of those expenses, and a lot of stress and anxiety.

Immediately after our intake meeting, Church & Page PLLC was able to get in contact with the at-fault driver. We let him know that if he was not able to work with us on a payment plan, we would have to file a lawsuit against him as well as paperwork that would have the Department of Licensing suspend his driver’s license. Understanding the seriousness of this situation, the defendant chose to negotiate a private settlement with us. Church & Page PLLC was able to ensure that the at-fault driver paid for Ricardo’s totaled vehicle, his medical bills, and his pain and suffering.

Although it is not always possible to obtain money from an uninsured driver, Church & Page PLLC believes that every case needs to be investigated thoroughly early on so that the client can have realistic expectations. It allows us to achieve the best outcome possible given the unique circumstances of each case.

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