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Holding Negligent Truckers and Trucking Companies Accountable

Truck accidents are some of the most deadly on American roadways. When a truck is involved in a collision, occupants of other vehicles – especially passenger cars – often face serious injuries and death. In some cases, these crashes can be attributed to negligent truck drivers or negligent companies.

If you’ve been struck by a semi-truck while driving your car in Kennewick, turn to Church & Page PLLC for skilled legal representation. We have years of experience providing clients with knowledgeable legal counsel regarding their options following a truck accident involving a tractor-trailer, 18 wheeler, semi-truck, or dump truck. Reach out to Church & Page PLLC as soon as possible by calling (509) 638-1414 and schedule a free consultation today.

Why Do Truck Accidents Happen?

Many truck accidents result from negligent truck drivers. Negligent truckers may fall asleep behind the wheel, fail to use their turn signals while switching lanes, drift between lanes or tailgate other vehicles. The vast majority of truck accidents are caused because tractor-trailer drivers are simply too distracted to pay attention to the road because they’re texting, talking on their cell phones, or performing other tasks like eating while driving.

Some trucks that aren’t up-to-code come equipped with faulty brakes or tires that can blow out suddenly, especially when carrying heavy loads. Truck tire failure is usually an issue when the truck was loaded beyond its limits and/or overloaded – resulting in excess stress on the tires and creating a potentially deadly liability for everyone else on the road around it. If you’ve been injured in a truck accident, you deserve to get justice for your injuries. Filing a truck accident claim with a truck accident attorney in Kennewick can help your recovery moving forward. Personal injury claims can be difficult to file on your own so don’t hesitate to reach out to our law firm today to get the help you need.>

How Much Compensation Can I Win?

Personal injury compensation is designed to help accident victims recover, physically and financially. Personal injury lawsuits are very complex legal cases.

The value of your potential compensation from your truck accident case may depend on many variables. Generally, compensatory damages are available for medical bills that have been incurred as a result of an accident or injury. You may be compensated for lost wages or loss of future earning capacity due to an accident if you can prove that your injuries prevent you from working in the same capacity as you did prior to being hurt. You can also be awarded compensation for property damage, pain and suffering, and more.

When it comes to seeking justice following an injury at the hands of another party, hiring a strong truck accident attorney to help recover the maximum compensation possible for your personal injury claim can help your prospects in the future.

What Can a Truck Accident Lawyer Do to Help Me?

After a truck accident, the first step is to seek medical attention for your injuries to ensure you don’t worsen them by trying to do something about it on your own. After you’ve received treatment and your condition has stabilized, then it’s time to reach out to Church & Page PLLC for help filing an injury claim or lawsuit against the negligent party. Church & Page PLLC can partner with you throughout the entire legal process and hold those responsible accountable for their actions.

Our personal injury attorneys will present evidence collected during our initial investigation of your accident – including witness testimony and police reports – in order to win compensation from the at-fault parties. We can handle all contact with the insurance company in your case and even resolve your case through a settlement that gets you the justice you deserve.

Is It Worth Hiring a Truck Accident Lawyer in Kennewick?

The legal team at Church & Page PLLC has years of experience helping clients in Kennewick and the surrounding areas following a truck accident that caused them harm or resulted in an injury.

We provide aggressive representation involving every aspect of all personal injury claims, including lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and other damages. Reach out to our office today by calling (509) 638-1414 for a free consultation with a knowledgeable attorney who can help you understand your options after being struck by a semi-truck.


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